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Most frequent questions and answers

The service understands that settling into childcare can be an emotional time for both children and their parents. It may be the child’s first experience or your child may be transitioning to a new room in the centre. At times children have difficulty separating from their families and each child’s reactions and length of time they take to settle into their environment depends on the child, their previous experiences and their age.

Families can assist their child by

  • Spending time at the centrewith their child before and as they settle into care. Families are welcome to visit the service by making prior arrangements with the Director.
  • Show confidence about your decision for the child to attend the service.  Displaying trust with the service will send the message of reassurance and that it is a wonderful place to be.
  • Ensure you have informed educators about your child’s likes, dislikes, routines and individual preferences for food and drink.
  • Seek out a preferred educator that your child can be left with when you drop them off for the day.
  • Allow time for drop off as often children do not cope when it is rushed.
  • Contact the service during your child’s first days to check how your child is settling.

The service will assist your child by

  • Ensuring that each family has participated in the enrolment and orientation process.
  • Allowing the orientation process to be flexible to meet the needs of all families.
  • Ensuring that there are effective procedures for moving to a new room.
  • Rostering educators allowing for consistency for new children and families.

Early Childhood Educators will

  • Be aware of new enrolments, their commencement day, their background information their interests and needs.
  • Encourage a separation routine, does the child need to wave at the window, the gate or do they need to become involved in a favourite activity.
  • Encourage the parent to let you know approximately what time they will collect their child as this will allow educators to honestly tell a child whether it will be soon or later.
  • Immediately let children know where they can toilet, keep their bag or lunch box.  Discuss with the child how they will receive their meals.  All children need to know their basic needs will be met.
  • Buddy new children with long term children.  This will ensure that children feel welcome and accepted.
  • Make the day fun filled and wonderful, so children leave and want to come back!!
  • Children will often feel that their family is not ever going to return.  A picture book made of photos of the centre routine can be compiled and discussed.  This will reassure the child that at a specific time their parents will come back.
  • A photo of the child’s parents laminated may also comfort a child.
  • Encourage the family to ring and check on their child’s progress and provide honest feedback. 

6.30 AM – 6.30 PM

Half the Gap Fee will be charged to Parents for Public Holidays

If your child is away for an absence then the daily fee is charged. This is due to our staff being permanently employed so wages need to be paid. Once you have entered an agreement to enrol completed the enrolment form with a start date the service will charge for those days.

Holiday rates can be applied when you take holidays, providing that your account is up to date. the rate is half your normal fee and each family is entitled to four weeks of holidays per year.

Child Care Subsidy provided by the Australian Government to approved care services to help families meet the out of pockets costs of care. The subsidy is then used to reduce the amount that parents are required to pay to the centre. Child Care Subsidy is based on each family’s income and the onus is on each family to ensure they have a current Assessment Notice in order to receive the benefit. Full fees will be charged if you do not have a current assessment.

Complete spare set of clothes, training pants if toileting.

Items the toddler is attached to, i.e. Dummy, teddy bear, etc.

If your child is settling a family photo is very comforting.

The service will provide all sunscreen.