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Welcome to Play & Learn Crestmead

Our Focus

At Crestmead Play & Learn Centre, our focus is on learning through play. Armed with the knowledge that children learn best when provided with an environment in which they can freely connect with their surroundings, we provide fun and engaging activities to challenge and entertain every child.
Crestmead Play & Learn Centres

Excellence in Early Childhood Education

We are delighted to announce that the Play and Learn Crestmead Centres have undergone a change in management, accompanied by a strategic restructuring of our systems. Our unwavering commitment remains dedicated to delivering exceptional care and service to our community.

At the heart of our mission is the profound importance we place on family engagement during our events, as we strive to support families in nurturing happy, healthy children. Central to our ethos are our esteemed team members and compassionate directors, who serve as the guardians of our cherished haven in Crestmead.

Our Approach

At Play & Learn Crestmead Centres, we take pride in our commitment to fostering holistic child development through engaging programs and a dedicated team. Our journey is shaped by a passion for nurturing potential, celebrating achievements, and creating a dynamic learning experience for every child. Join us at Play & Learn Crestmead, where education is a joyful adventure, and every child’s journey is uniquely celebrated..

Parental Engagement

At Play & Learn Crestmead, we prioritise parental involvement in their child’s educational journey. Our open-door policy encourages parents to visit at their convenience. We value transparent communication and provide comprehensive feedback on each child’s progress, fostering collaboration between parents and our experienced teaching staff.

Comprehensive Learning Approach

We embrace a holistic approach to early childhood education, recognizing every interaction as an opportunity for learning and growth. Our curriculum addresses the physical, personal, social, emotional, and intellectual development of each child. From literacy and numeracy to arts, crafts, music, and outdoor play, we offer a well-rounded educational experience tailored to individual needs.

Respect and Responsibility

Respect for diversity and the cultivation of responsibility are core values at Play & Learn Crestmead. Our educators design intentional activities and routines to promote social and cultural awareness among children. We foster an environment where mutual respect and understanding thrive, nurturing a sense of community and belonging.

Technology Integration

Our services boasts a contemporary learning environment equipped with age-appropriate educational resources, including digital media for our Kindergarten cohort. We ensure the responsible use of technology to enhance learning experiences and tailor the curriculum to individual needs. By integrating technology thoughtfully, we aim to enrich the educational journey and prepare children for the digital age.

Why Choose Play and Learn Crestmead?

Play & Learn Crestmead is a dedicated childcare service committed to delivering high-quality care for children. We uphold principles of care, dignity, and respect, honouring each child’s unique traits, learning styles, and cultural backgrounds. Our mission is to craft an enriching vibrant environment where children can enjoy playing, thrive, and learn, setting the stage for them to become well-rounded adults.

Our Centres

We welcome you and your child and trust that our service will become an extension of your family. We’re excited to announce the opening of our Crestmead 2 centre in 2024.

Our Philosophy

Our approach centers on PLAY, the natural learning platform for children. Collaboratively, we foster an enriching environment that encourages learning through discovery, creation, improvisation, and imagination.


Get in touch with our Play and Learn team to discuss our range of child care service options and how we could be the best fit for your child today!

Our Commitments

We are committed to the protection of children, our social responsibilities and sponsoring various charity organisations.