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Our Crestmead Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is to create and foster environments filled with warmth and homeliness.  It is our belief that the foundation of this success is relationships – relationships with families, their children and the community.  We begin this relationship upon enrolment, giving parents an opportunity to formally and informally communicate their needs, interests and background experiences.  Our educators then continue to build strong relationships with families assisting them to settle into the centre and liaise about their child’s developmental needs and stages.

All programming within the centre promotes active play, voluntary play based on each child’s individual needs and stage.  Children are actively encouraged to self-select activities which include a balance of open ended and structured experiences.  Independence, self-help skills, creativity, music and literacy as well as physical skills are promoted through a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences, both spontaneous and planned.

Our company has a great awareness of our legal responsibilities, duty of care, risk management, occupational health and safety as well as the National Quality Framework.  We value the relationships we have developed with our Departmental Resource Officers and take great pride in maintaining regulations at all times.  Our centre environments and equipment are maintained in optimum conditions with equipment and resources being updated regularly.

Our Curriculum

The Centre’s Programs are based on developmental observations and the interests of the individual children and the group.

Our Centres

Step into our captivating play spaces and embark on an adventure like no other! Our centres offer a safe and beautiful environment where children can explore, learn, and grow.