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Our Commitments

Protection of Children

Our service is committed to the protection of all children in our care by providing child safe environments.  See our “Commitment Statement to Children and Young People“.

Social Responsibilities

We are committed to our social responsibilities and sponsoring various charity organisations:

World Vision

World Vision brings hope and opportunity to vulnerable children and communities

World Vision is a community of change makers – generous Australian donors, community members, staff and valued partners who mobilise to make a real and lasting difference in lives around the world. Together, they tackle the root causes of poverty and transform lives through development, relief and advocacy work.

They are part of a global movement – a Christian humanitarian organisation that provides short and long-term assistance to more than 100 million people worldwide. Over the past 50 years, more than two million Australians have chosen to partner with them when giving to charity. The support of generous Australians helps make their work possible. 

Sponsor a child

Poverty steals choices from children, cheating them out of education, healthcare, access to clean water and income generation for their families and community. Through child sponsorship you give those choices back.  

As a child sponsor you walk alongside a child and their community, empowering the world’s most vulnerable as they build resilience through long-term development programs. Child sponsorship programs that change lives, including smarter education, better healthcare and nutrition, economic stability and growth and access to clean, fresh water. Access to life’s basic essentials. 

Through child sponsorship and World Vision’s community-focused solutions, for every child you sponsor, four more children benefit too. Sponsor a child, partner with World Vision and gift a world of possibility to children in need living in the world’s harshest regions. 

Mater Foundation

At Mater, optimising care of women and their babies during pregnancy and following delivery is the main focus and priority. More than 12,000 Queensland babies are born at Mater hospital each year. Unfortunately, 2,000 of these babies are born either prematurely or with serious illness and rely on Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU) for specialised care from expert specialist, neonatologists, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. Every year in Mater’s NCCU there are more than 230 preterm infants cared for and approximately 50 will require mechanical breathing support. With the support from the community and yearly fundraising and donations, Mater can purchase vital cutting edge technology and machines to help the most vulnerable babies not only survive their first challenging days, but thrive as they receive Maters professional care.

Play and Learn is proud to be collaborating with Mater’s NCCU and support their efforts in caring for precious premature babies that receive life-saving care. The following equipment have been donated:

  • Feeding Pump ($3,162) – Premature and sick babies often require their medication and food to be delivered slowly and controlled via a tube into their gastrointestinal tract for optimal chance of survival. This machine allows Mater to safely feed 5 babies at a time and could benefit as many as 400 of the smallest babies every year.
  • Heine El 10 LED Examination Light ($2,865) – NCCU clinicians are performing intricate and lifesaving procedures on the smallest of patients. These procedures include insertion of umbilical lines into arteries and veins that are frequently the size of a pin and peripheral veins as fine as a hair. Having access to this machine improves success of the procedures and reduced pain and complications to the patients and an improved experience for the parents.